Ep 246: Trump Bumps & Document Dumps

In LMTYWYW Podcast Ep 246, Dave & Jessica discuss SCOTUS bumping bump stocks, how Trump’s documents came to be ‘his,’.

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Ep 245: Packing Pistols & Stacking Charges

In LMTYWYW Podcast Ep 245, Dave & Jessica discuss The Speaker’s passing, a South Georgia judge facing a slew of.

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Ep 244: Geoff Duncan’s Violin

In LMTYWYW Ep 244, Dave & Jessica discuss the November 2022 election results, upcoming turnover in the Georgia Senate, and.

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Ep 243: Clean Gasoline & Hikes for Tikes

In LMTYWYW Ep 243, Dave & Jessica discuss Nascar’s ties to test scores, the latest Fed hikes – for the.

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Ep 242: Caskets for All

In LMTYWYW Ep 242, Dave & Jessica discuss Victor Hill’s convictions, Herschel’s lovers coming out of the woodwork, the federal.

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Ep 241: Sassy Raffensperger

In LMTYWYW Ep 241, Dave & Jessica discuss the sassy Raffensperger texts, curbing school violence, trouble in the Amazon, and.

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Ep 240: Tenure, Takedowns, and Track Records

In LMTYWYW Ep 240, Dave & Jessica discuss Dave & Jessica discuss twining on higher ed tenure, legal strategies +.

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Ep 239: Hating on Grandma’s House of Hope

In LMTYWYW Ep 239, Dave & Jessica discuss fundraising and losing in Georgia’s gubernatorial race, Geoff Duncan’s latest hypocrisy, freeing.

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Ep 238: Just Deserts

In LMTYWYW Ep 238, Dave & Jessica discuss the contraceptive, housing, and voter roll deserts. They also cover the non-monogamous.

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Ep 237: A Solo Effort

In LMTYWYW Ep 237, Dave rolls solo and discusses the not so Sunny View, COVID Fraud, a fake DEA agent,.

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