Assistant District Attorney Barclay Black

State Clunks Through First Day of the Ashlyn Griffin Murder Trial

Prosecutors faced a series of obstacles Monday as the court kicked off the first day of the Ashlyn Griffin murder.

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Judge Orders Recusal of Muldrew in Marcus Wilson Case

A senior judge has ordered the recusal of Judge Michael Muldrew in the Marcus Wilson case. The ruling comes after.

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Murder or Self-Defense? The Ashlyn Griffin Story

A Georgia woman will soon stand trial for felony murder against the same prosecutors who once sent her abuser to.

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Court Issues Order on Which Questions Wilson Defense Can Ask of Judge in Recusal Proceedings

The appointed judge who will decide if recusal is necessary has ruled which questions the Marcus Wilson defense can ask.

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Jury Returns Diverse Verdicts in Multi-Defendant Drug Case

Yet another jury trial that ended with a Not Guilty verdict for a defendant who had been in jail since.

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Judge Denies Spencer’s Request to Be Sentenced as a Youthful Offender

A Superior Court Judge has denied a request by Grant Spencer to be retroactively sentenced as a youthful offender in.

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Ep. 195: In Defense of Self Defense

In Ep. 195,  Dave and Jessica discuss a number of self-defense cases around the country this week: US Air Marshal’s.

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Defense Attorneys: Case Law Cited by Prosecutors in Self Defense/Murder Case Has Been Overruled

Defense attorneys in a felony murder case in Bulloch County say the case law prosecutors cited to have an immunity.

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Judge Says Immunity Hearing Won’t Continue in Murder Case of Domestic Violence Victim

A Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday morning that an immunity hearing for a woman charged with Felony Murder and Aggravated.

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Attorneys: Woman Shot Boyfriend in Self Defense After Multiple Incidents of Domestic Violence

Attorneys for the woman accused of felony murder in the death of her boyfriend in Statesboro say she had no.

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