Effingham County

2 Fs, 1 C on Effingham Health Inspections This Week

Effingham Health Inspections are public information, published by the Georgia Department of Public Health, and posted in a conspicuous location.

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Inexact, Inefficient, Ill-timed: The First Responder COVID-19 Grant in Effingham County

The administration and disbursement of a grant funded by the state of Georgia has taxpayers forking out more than necessary.

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Effingham High Schools Named as AP Stem, AP Stem Achievement Schools

Both high schools in Effingham County have been named on AP achievement lists for 2022 by the Georgia Department of.

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Delay, Neglect to Blame for Problems at Blue Jay Rd/McCall Rd Intersection

Public records and a recent traffic study show the problems at the Blue Jay Rd/McCall Rd intersection stem from delay.

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COLUMN: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…in Effingham County

The following article is an opinion piece and reflects the views of only the author and not those of TheGeorgiaVirtue..

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The Unscrupulous Timeline of Effingham County’s Salary Study

A lack of public presentation and discussion surrounds the implementation of Effingham County’s Salary Study. Official meeting minutes from the.

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Effingham County Stalling on Releasing Compensation Study 

Effingham County is stalling on releasing a compensation study brokered two years ago, despite the implementation of the study’s recommendation. .

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New Guyton Officer Left Previous Agency After Alcohol Incident in Patrol Car

The newest Guyton police officer left his previous agency following discipline by Rincon PD before he was hired in Guyton.

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Outside Judge to Hear Arguments on Recusal of Judge in Crocker Case

Attorneys from both the defense and the state will make arguments Thursday on whether or not the judge in the.

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Haddock Sentenced to Life for Effingham Rapes

Three weeks after a jury found him guilty of multiple sex crimes, 20-year-old Zachary Robert Haddock was sentenced to life.

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