Bulloch Local Government

Bulloch County Election Results – November 2021

Municipal Elections for the Cities of Brooklet, Portal, Register, and Statesboro were held on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 and yielded the following results:


City Council Post 3
Hannah Joy Dinello (75)
Becky Kelly (130)

City Council Post 4
James Harrison (109)
Greg Schlierf (Incumbent) (92)

Sunday Sales of Alcohol
YES (91)
NO (64)

Sale of Alcohol on Premises
YES (95)
NO (50)


City Council Post 3
Tom Coleman (35)
Jerry Lanigan (Incumbent) (38)

City Council Post 4
Roger Davis Jr. (37)
Clay Williams (37)

There will be a recount in this race. In the event that the results are the same, a runoff will be held and voters will cast their votes again.


Donnie Roberts (29)
Barbara Rushing (Incumbent) (27)

City Council District 1
Brittany Brannen (32)
Richard Canady (Incumbent) (24)

Package Sales of Alcohol Inside the City Limits
YES (29)
NO (30)


Ernest Larry Lawton (266)
Jonathan McCollar (Incumbent) (1,493)

City Council District 4
John Riggs (Incumbent) (133)
Kristine Yager-Rushton (89)

Package Sales of Alcohol Inside the City Limits
YES (1,305)
NO (457)

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