RUNDOWN: Bulloch Commission Meeting – 07/19/22

This is a summary of what occurred during the Bulloch Commission Meeting on 07/19/22.

Call to Order
Pledge & Invocation
Roll Call –
All Commissioners present
Approval of General Agenda –
Approved unanimously 6-0
Public Comments

Sarah Thompson – Addressed commissioners about voting and elections in Bulloch County and the process she’s encountered while trying to obtain open records requests about ballots. (Upon completion of her comments, county attorney Jeff Akins said the county has relied on the general counsel from the Georgia Secretary of State’s office in fulfilling the records and withholding data)

  1. Samantha Smith – not present
  2. Replaced with Randall Sumner – retired military veteran and Bulloch County resident who discussed the lack of enforcement of the noise ordinances in Bulloch County.
  3. Employee Recognition – Cindy Mallard
  4. Online Budget Book – Chief Financial Officer Kristie King
Consent Agenda

The following 6 items were voted upon collectively. Approved unanimously 6-0

Meeting Minutes – July 5, 2022
Motion to approve the yearly contract for Radio System Service and Support

  • This is the yearly contract for the radio system service and support from Motorola in the amount of $174,033.23. It is budgeted in the radio system budget. The contract was received on June 28, 2022, with a start date of July 1, 2022.

Motion to approve contract from Leading to Change to provide Afterschool Program Staff Training.

  • Bulloch County Recreation and Parks AfterSchool Program (ASP) received a $250,000 BOOST grant February 2022 for the purpose of enhancing the academic enrichment of our ASP participants. By providing more STEM-incorporated activities and curriculum in the program, the county has seen a need for improving the quality of training staff is receiving to better the ASP program.
  • While attending the National AfterSchool Association Convention in March 2022, Recreation Programs staff identified a training program, Leading to Change, that they felt would offer beneficial training for our part-time staff.
    • Leading to Change is a nationally awarded training agency that focuses on team building and professional leadership.  Eric Rowles, Leading to Change President, has helped create two different pieces of training that are designed to target the areas of needed improvement in our program. The majority of staff are college students. Training to this degree helps them to facilitate a more quality program and also builds their leadership skills for their future careers.
  • The cost for two separate training sessions is $2,500 each, totaling $5,000 for FY2023 budget. The county is projected to be awarded the BOOST grant again for the 2022-2023 school year, so the cost for the training sessions would be paid from the grant proceeds.  If the county is not chosen as grant recipients, the purchases within the program would be amended to cover the cost without affecting the quality of our program.
  • Meghan Judy, Program Supervisor, recommended approval of the contract from Leading to Change to provide ASP training.

Motion to approve the GCIC policy requirements for criminal justice information/criminal history record information.

The GBI’s Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) requires any non-criminal justice agency receiving access to criminal justice information/criminal history record information to implement organizational policy and procedures to ensure protection of the criminal justice information, to ensure established guidelines are in place in the event of a man-made and natural disaster, and to ensure established guidelines for disciplinary actions in regards to misuse or violations concerning the GCIC CJIS Network, materials, records, and information. The policies up for consideration include the following:

  • Man-Made or Natural Disaster Policy,
  • Media Protection Policy,
  • Applicants Privacy Rights Notification Policy, and
  • GCIC Disciplinary Policy.

As part of the application process for alcohol licenses and special event permits, applicants are required to provide criminal history information, as a non-criminal justice agency the county is responsible for the implementation of these policies. The policies are revised and updated every two years or as needed. Staff recommends approval.

Motion to approve the appointment of Nikita Robinson and Amanda Clements and the reappointment of Ressie Fuller to the Library Board of Trustees to serve terms beginning July 1, 2022 and ending June 30, 2025.

Motion to enter into a one year service contract for Solid Waste Collection Grounds Maintenance with A-1 Grassroots for FY 2023.

  • The staff is recommending a one-year service contract with A-1 Grassroots at bi-weekly rate of $1,575.00 and an annual cost of $40,950.00 for grounds maintenance at the solid waste collection centers.
New Business
  1. Motion to Approve
    • The resolution imposes a 1% transportation special purpose local option sales and use tax (“TPSLOST”) for a period of time not to exceed 5 years and for the raising of not more than $72,000,0000.00, subject to referendum approval, and requests the Bulloch County Board of Elections and Registration to call the referendum election on November 8, 2022 and conduct the election in accordance with law.
    • Since Bulloch County has entered an intergovernmental agreement with the municipalities within Bulloch County regarding the TSPLOST, the tax may be levied at 1% and will continue to be collected for the entire 5 years even if the amount collected exceeds $72,000,000.00.
    • Staff recommends approval.
    • Approved unanimously 6-0
  2. Motion to Approve a change order in the amount of $43,250 with Ellis Wood Contracting on the Fletecher Park Site Improvement, for the installation of geogrid reinforcement under the proposed parking lot due to poor soil conditions.
    • The County has a contract in progress with Ellis Wood Contracting, in the amount of $394,641.00 for site work and the construction of a parking lot at Fletcher Park.
    • The County contracted with Wood Environmental Services to perform geotechnical testing and materials sampling on the project. After clearing and grubbing the area for the proposed parking lot, some test pits were dug to examine soil conditions.
      • Even though the original contract with Ellis Wood included the removal and replacement of 700 cubic yards of unsuitable dirt material, Wood Environmental determined that two layers of geogrid reinforcement will need to be installed to support the parking lot and prevent settlement.
    • Ellis Wood Contracting submitted a proposal of $43,250 for the materials and labor for installing the geogrid material. After researching the GDOT Item Mean Summary, the County Engineer has determined that the proposed cost is in line with current market prices ($11 to $12 per SY) for the installation of geogrid material.
    • This project is being funded by TSPLOST.
    • Approved unanimously 6-0
  3. Motion to allow the County Manager to enter into price negotiations with Lavender & Associates for Construction Management at-Risk Services.
    • As Bulloch County staff and services continue to grow, a need exists for renovations to the North Main Annex including more office space, a larger room to conduct Commission meetings, and a more customer-friendly layout for permitting services. As such, Bulloch County requested the submission of proposals (RFP) for Construction Management at-Risk Services for renovation and addition to the North Main Annex on May 31, 2022. As a result, five submissions were received on July 1, 2022, from the following firms:
  1. Pope Construction Company
  2. Lavender & Associates
  3. BAK Builders
  4. Chris Merrill Construction (CMC)
  5. Hubbard Hudson
  • A review team made up of four staff members individually evaluated and scored the submissions. The scoring criteria included the stability of the firm (25%), experience and qualifications (15%), suitability (30%), and fee proposal (15%). The scores were then compared and resulted in Lavender & Associates scoring the highest.
  • Upon approval from the Board of Commissioners, Bulloch County will begin final price negotiations with the selected firm before construction commences.
  • The staff recommends approval to begin negotiations with Lavender & Associates.
  • Approved unanimously 6-0

Commission & Staff Comments – None.
Executive Session – Adjourned for executive session on Personnel & Real Estate at 9:32 a.m.
Work Session – Hyundai

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