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Excelsior EMC Customers Can Pay Bills Around the County

Excelsior EMC is now utilizing CheckOut payment methods for customers who need an alternative way to pay their electric bill.

CheckOut is a convenient, new way to pay your bill at over 50,000 retail locations nationwide.

This new payment option allows members to pay their electric bill at common retail outlets in their communities such as Dollar General, Family Dollar, and CVS Pharmacy to list a few.

This service is especially beneficial to members that must drive from far-reaching areas to one of the Cooperative’s offices to pay their electric bill.

How It Works

  1. Customer gets their unique real-time barcode.  Once the barcode is received via email, the customer can print out the barcode or use on your mobile device.
  2. Customer shops at their favorite stores from over 50,000 of our retail locations across the US.
  3. Once customer is ready to pay at the checkout line, just simply scan your unique barcode on either your phone or printed out barcode and your bill is paid.  That simple.
  4. Once the bill is paid, CheckOut gives the customer real-time verification that their payment has been approved.  Simultaneously, the utility company receives verification and the account is updated.

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