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Middle School Technology Students Win Big at State Conference

On Friday, April 16, 2021, Harris County Carver Middle School (HCCMS) TSA students gathered to learn their fate in this school year’s Georgia TSA State Competition. The group was together in the HCCMS cafeteria watching the virtual results when they learned they won first place in the state for the middle school category.  

“Even though the conference was virtual, we were so glad to be together to hear the news,” said Kimberly Acosta, HCCMS teacher and TSA sponsor. “For the state conference, we submitted videos in lieu of semi-finalist interviews. For the national conference, however, students will have live interviews and competitions via Zoom. Now, we will be preparing for our virtual national TSA conference that will take place throughout the months of May and June.”

The award winners are:

1st Place 

  • Microcontroller Design – N. Doub, J. Hustick, X. Jackson
  • Off the Grid D. Johnson – R. Markert, E. K. Shine
  • STEM Animation – M. Thomas, C. Guzman
  • Tech Bowl – A. Kuebrich, C. Guzman, S. Patel
  • Video Game Design – J. Hustick, B. Luker, T. Williams, J. Gatewood, C. Kinard, L. Shelnutt 
  • Outstanding Student – T. Williams
  • First Lego League – FLL S. McAllister, B. Luker, M. Thomas
  • System Control – N. Doub, M. Thomas, T. Williams 

2nd Place

  • Chapter Team – T. Williams, C. Guzman, K. Markert, R. Markert, S. McAllister, S. Aguirre
  • Children’s Stories – S. Aguirre, K. Markert, S. McAllister
  • Inventions and Innovations – F. Miller, B. Bradley, C. Kinard
  • Mass Production – AJ Aut, S. McAllister, K. Markert
  • Promotional Marketing – A. Kuebrich
  • Technical Design – L. Shelnutt, T. Williams
  • Virtual VEX IQ – R. Markert, E. K. Shine
  • Flight – G. Guillaume

3rd Place

  • Coding – B. Luker, T. Williams
  • Forensic Technology – AJ Aut, A. Kuebrich

4th Place

  • Biotechnology – S. McAllister, K. Markert, G. Guillaume
  • Digital Photography – F. Miller

6th Place

  • Career Prep – S. Patel
  • Flight – J. Hustick

7th Place

  • Community Service Video – D. Johnson, J. Gatewood
  • Essays on Technology – E. K. Shine
  • Prepared Speech – B. Bradley

“We would like to thank everyone who helped look over portfolios and coach these students with their projects and presentations,” Acosta said. “We are looking forward to next year. Our future looks bright both here at the middle school and for TSA at Harris County High School.”

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