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West End Elementary Rewards Good Behavior with Jingle Jam Celebration

The energy and Christmas spirit at West End Elementary on Thursday December 16, was high and more than merry as they held their Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) Jingle Jam celebration.

“Jingle Jam is our good behavior celebration for students who have shown their P.A.W.S. all nine weeks,” Principal Dr. Dennis Drummond explained. “Our students earn PBIS Rewards points, and if they earn 100 points, they get to go to Jingle Jam.”

Drummond explained that showing their P.A.W.S., means having a positive attitude, acting responsibly, working hard, and showing respect each day.

The WEE gymnasium was alive with activity as the kids enjoyed snacks, games, and even a dance party.

Coach LaShonda Parker led the kids in a dance party that ended up taking over the gym; cheers erupted as students showed off their best moves. She also grabbed the microphone to ask the kids what the P.A.W.S. stand for, to which the kids replied in resounding unison. It was all smiles and all in celebration.

Assistant Principal and PBIS Coordinator Lisa Strack, showed her holiday spirit in a red and green, head-to-toe, elf costume. She explained the PBIS point system,

“They have worked so hard,” she said. “We have just started a new system called PBIS Rewards. It’s an electronic points system, so it’s easier to track. The kids have enjoyed being able to log in and look at their points.”

“This new system has also allowed us to award points very authentically, in the moment,” she added. “The teachers log in through their computer and display the points on their Smart Boards.”

“We’re extremely proud of these kids,” Drummond smiled. “The vast majority of our students were able to qualify. It just shows the great work our teachers are doing with the kids and how fast the kids are learning.”

Strack explained that they also throw a mid-nine-week celebration where the kids can purchase items from the candy cart, which helps earn the money to make larger celebrations, like Jingle Jam, possible.

Going forward into the year, the students have inflatables and a trip to the bowling alley to look forward to for their PBIS Rewards celebrations.

WEE was determined to make the week before Winter break as fun for the kids as possible. Drummond said that every day was a different fun dress-up day for the kids, including hats, Christmas lights, a red and green theme, favorite characters, and pajamas.

“We’re really proud of their behavior,” he smiled. “We’ve had a great first half of the year and we’re looking forward to an even better second half.”

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