SCOTUS ruling praised by Georgia Republicans, criticized by its Democrats

(The Center Square) – After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the president has “absolute immunity,” congressmen across Georgia were quick to share their reactions.

The decision could have implications on the outcome of the 2024 election. Georgia is one of seven states – with North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona – considered a key battleground in the battle for the White House between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

It has already led to the recent announcement of a delay in sentencing for Trump in his Manhattan hush money case, as his legal team prepares to file more paperwork.

Republican Rep. Earl “Buddy” Carter was one of the first to release a statement about the decision.

“The Constitution was upheld today,” Carter said. “Biden’s Department of Justice has been weaponized against his political opponents since day one. This ruling is an important step toward restoring the American people’s faith in our legal system, something Jack Smith’s baseless witch hunt has greatly undermined.”

He also said the ruling was important not just for justice for Trump, but to protect future presidents as well.

“I’m proud that SCOTUS delivered this important victory not just for President Trump, but for all presidents who do not need to fear retaliation for simply performing the duties of their office.”

Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson pushed back against this narrative, concerned that this immunity could be abused.

“We now live in a country where POTUS can’t be prosecuted for commanding SEAL Team 6 to kill his political opponents, but all others in the Exec Branch who carried out the murders could be convicted,” he posted on X. “This is not the way our democracy was meant to work. POTUS is now above the law.”

Johnson called for action against the Supreme Court itself, echoing the message of many Democratic leaders.

“Shame on the United States Supreme Court, and shame on Congress if we sit back and do nothing to reign in this recklessly out of control court,” he said.

Other Democrats agree with this sentiment, including Rep. Nikema Williams.

“Today’s outrageous Supreme Court decision flies in the face of the principle that ‘No one is above the law,’” she wrote on X. “This deeply political SCOTUS decision threatens our democracy.”

The 6-3 ruling for Trump granted the President of the United States immunity from criminal prosecution, specifically only for official actions taken while in office.

Republican Rep. Andrew Clyde called the decision a “major win” for “U.S. Constitution, President Trump, and America.”

By Elyse Apel | The Center Square
Elyse Apel is an apprentice reporter with The Center Square, covering Georgia and North Carolina. She is a 2024 graduate of Hillsdale College.

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