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Bryan County Searching for Poll Workers

Bryan County is seeking poll workers for the upcoming November election and runoff, if needed.

The position includes training sessions for all poll workers. All hired positions are needed for election day and potentially for early voting and runoff.

Qualifications of poll officers include that the individual shall be:

  • judicious, intelligent, and upright citizens of the United States, residents of or otherwise employed by the county in which they are appointed or, in the case of municipal elections, residents of or otherwise employed by the municipality in which the election is to be held or of the county in which that municipality is located,
  • 16 years of age or over
  • able to read, write, and speak the English language.


  • No poll officer shall be eligible for any nomination for public office or to be voted for at a primary or election at which the poll officer shall serve.
  • No person who is otherwise holding public office, other than a political party office, shall be eligible to be appointed as or to serve as a poll officer.
  • A parent, spouse, child, brother, sister, father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law of a candidate shall not be eligible to serve as a poll officer in any precinct in which such candidate’s name appears on the ballot in any primary or election. 

Selected candidates will be make between $10.00-$13.00 hourly depending on position. 

Click here to apply.

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