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Enhancements Planned for Historic Site in Savannah

One of Savannah’s most photographed historic sites will soon break ground on a new entrance and visitor center. Improvements at colonial Wormsloe, with its iconic arch and 300-year-old tabby ruins, will enhance guest experiences while also protecting its famed Avenue of Live Oaks.

Phase one is set to begin in early March, creating a new entrance on Skidaway Road, across from Paxton Drive. A larger parking lot will have space for 140 vehicles plus buses. Phase two includes a 5,562-square-foot visitor center with a film, gift shop, meeting space and offices.

Future plans may include a tram to take guests past the arch and down the scenic mile-long driveway leading to Savannah’s oldest tabby ruins. Visitors would be able to get off and on the tram along the way.

“Everyone wants that spectacular photo of Wormsloe’s Avenue of Live Oaks,” said manager Gretchen Greminger. “Cars would not be in the way, and guests could take their time. They could even walk the entire avenue, just enjoying the shade and Spanish moss.”

“Reducing car traffic would also protect these majestic trees,” said Greminger. “Our visitation has grown quickly, and the weight of vehicles pulling off to the side of the road can damage roots and compact the soil.”

Wormsloe’s current visitor center will still showcase the majority of exhibits, and the original groundskeeper’s house will remain near the 1913 archway on Skidaway Road. Guests can tour the tabby ruins and explore a marsh nature trail as well.

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