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GDOT Asking for Public Input on Bridge Over I-16

GDOT is asking for public input on a bridge replacement on Olive Branch Road over I-16.

The bridge originally built in 1966, does not meet current standards. It spans 240-fett with a vehicle clearance under the bridge of 16 feet 1 inch. Most concerning, the bridge design is below current design standards and the calculated load carrying capacity is 61.1 percent lower than current standards and is already showing signs of deterioration and cracking.

The Proposal

The Georgia DOT proposes the replacement of the bridge carrying CR 12/Olive Branch Road over I-16 along the existing alignment using a 6.2-mile offsite detour for approximately 9-12 months during construction. The profile of the new structure will be raised to increase the vertical clearance of Olive Branch Road over I-16 to 17 feet. Additionally, the alignment of the CR 13/ Kangeter Road intersection will be adjusted to improve the intersection skew and sight distance.

The proposed bridge will consist of an 11-foot travel lane in each direction, with 7-foot shoulder in the southbound direction and a 4-foot shoulder in the northbound direction. A wider shoulder is provided on the southbound side of the proposed bridge to accommodate the intersection sight line at the Old Olive Branch Road intersection.

Beyond the bridge approach slabs, the roadway typical section will consist of an 11-foot travel lane in each direction with 4-foot rural shoulders on each side. The CR 13/Kangeter Road typical section will consist of a 10-foot travel lane in each direction with a 3-foot rural shoulder on each side. The project length would be approximately 0.4 mile.

Construction, if approved, could begin in 2026.

What It Will Entail

GDOT says the project will:

  • replace one substandard bridge with a bridge that meets current design standards
  • improve sight distance and skew of the CR 12/Olive Branch Road at CR 13/Kangeter Road intersection
  • increase vertical clearance of CR 12/Olive Branch Road over I-16

Currently, the bridge project is projected to cost $6.4 million.

Project PhaseAmountFiscal Year
Scoping/Preliminary Engineering$940,000.002020
Right of Way$188,312.402024

NOTE: Cost is an estimate and is updated as project progresses.

To leave a comment or offer input, visit this link.

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