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IRS Plans to Extend the 2020 Tax Filing Deadline

The Internal Revenue Service will extend the 2020 filing deadline by roughly 30 days, according to reports. 

CBS News was among the first to confirm the forthcoming change that will allow taxpayers an additional four weeks to file returns and pay any taxes owed. The federal agency is expected to push the deadline to May 15, which falls on a Saturday, meaning the final deadline could be the following Monday.

Calls to extend the deadline were widespread after Congress passed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan leading to the disbursement of approximately 90 million economic stimulus checks. The IRS already delayed the commencement of processing returns earlier this year over concerns of overwhelming the agency after the December stimulus payment was issued. In 2020, taxpayers were given an extra three months to file their taxes when the agency pushed the deadline to July 15.

The federal agency is expected to set a concrete date this week.

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