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MAP MONDAY: Drug Use by State

Regardless of the many efforts by states and the federal government has made to combat drug abuse in the United States, the problem only seems to worsen. In 2020, drug overdose deaths spiked 24% over the previous year.

WalletHub recently examined drug usage and released a report, States with the Biggest Drug Problems, to highlight the areas that have been most affected. Looking at data from the U.S. Census, the CDC, the FBI, the DEA,, and a number of others, across 50 states and D.C., WalletHub examined everything from arrest and overdose rates to opioid prescriptions and employee drug testing laws.

We take a look at what the study found in this week’s #MapMonday.

Source: WalletHub
States with the Biggest Drug Problems
1. District of Columbia11. Maine
2. West Virginia12. Massachusetts
3. Missouri13. Montana
4. Colorado14. Alaska
5. New Mexico15. Tennessee
6. Nevada16. Louisiana
7. Delaware17. Vermont
8. Michigan18. New Hampshire
9. Indiana19. Arkansas
10. Kentucky20. Arizona

As for Georgia, the Peach State ranked 38th highest for drug use. Georgia also ranked 39th for drug use & addiction, No. 32 on law enforcement matters related to drug use, and No. 10 for drug health issues and rehab.

artwork 2021 drug use by state
blue vs red image drug use 2021

Read the full study and the methodology behind the report here.

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