Ep 271: Canceling Kennedy

In Ep. 271 Dave & Ken discuss kicking the debt can down the road, killing Kennedy, a ton of fun enters the 2024 race, Lizzo is fed up, no license to lactate, huge repair bills on electric vehicles, John Cleese gives the middle finger, a stripper gets whacked, the Chick-Fil-A boycott, kiddie fight club, come for the Golden Gate-stay for the poo, losers at the Georgia GOP convention, and Kemp taking aim.


A native of South Florida, David Roberts moved to Georgia in his teens. He joined the Army at 18 as a Psychological Operations Specialist and served six years in that role. After he left active duty, Dave served in both Reserve and Guard components. Dave also worked for Wachovia and SouthTrust banks as a business banker and Assistant Vice President. A few mergers led Dave to join his brother, Rob, in the HVAC trade. Eventually, after several years of learning under his older brother, Dave left to go out on his own. In 2016, he started DR COOL Heating and Air in Dallas, GA.

Being a prominent business owner in Paulding County affords Dave the privilege of serving his community while involving himself in politics. Calling himself a “Republitarian,” Dave was invited to host The Let Me Tell You Why You’re Wrong Podcast in 2018.

Ken Pullin

Ken Pullin lives in Pike County with his wife, Shelby, of 20 years. They have two children, Luke and Libby, and a dog, Marley. He works in Business Development for Fintech Payments company and served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 2019-2020. He joined the show in March 2023.

*Opinions expressed on the show reflect the views of the commentators and any guests, not those of The Georgia Virtue.

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