Bulloch Crime & Safety

Bulloch Co. Schools COVID-19 Report: Sept. 5, 2021

Totals for Week 5: August 29 – September 4, 2021

Total Cases for Week 5: 118
Total Close Contacts due to Week 5 Cases: 851
Total Clusters for Week 5: 4
Total Student Enrollment:  11,056
Number of Students on Campus: 10,638
Number of Virtual Students: 418
Total Employees On-Campus:  2,040
Total Employees Working Virtually: 44

Note: These are cases and close contacts that occurred amongst students and employees. The data include those that happen both at school and in community. Not all cases or close contacts have been at school. A person may be identified as a close contact more than once.  No COVID-19 testing is done in the school district and no medical entities report positive cases to the district.  All cases are self reported by parents and employees. All close contacts and clusters that occur at school are traced by school district medical and administrative personnel.


Location# EmployedStudent EnrollmentCasesClose ContactsClusters
Brooklet Elementary School887827600
Julia P. Bryant Elementary School926975701
Langston Chapel Elementary School81635170
Langston Chapel Middle School96762100
Mattie Lively Elementary School101611pending  
Mill Creek Elementary School865719340
Nevils Elementary School674655480
Portal Elementary School603788210
Portal Middle High School764348860
Sallie Zetterower Elementary School10471512220
Southeast Bulloch High School1111,1007470
Southeast Bulloch Middle School917866550
Statesboro High School1541,636252590
Stilson Elementary School6043818763
Transitions Learning Center and Cedarwood1676010
Virtual Learning Program44418000
William James Middle School865524640
Central Office, 3 Annexes, & Substitutes671Not Applicable210

Compared to the week prior:

Totals for Week 4: August 22 – 28

Total Cases for Week 4: 245
Total Close Contacts due to Week 4 Cases: 2,192
Total Clusters for Week 4: 12
Total Student Enrollment:  11,091
Number of Students on Campus: 10,672
Number of Virtual Students: 419
Total Employees On-Campus:  2,043
Total Employees Working Virtually: 44

Location# EmployedStudent EnrollmentCasesClose ContactsClusters
Brooklet Elementary School88782131100
Julia P. Bryant Elementary School92701121452
Langston Chapel Elementary School816326340
Langston Chapel Middle School96767142502
Mattie Lively Elementary School10161521851
Mill Creek Elementary School865738130
Nevils Elementary School6746781680
Portal Elementary School6137911540
Portal Middle High School76433171430
Sallie Zetterower Elementary School10471617480
Southeast Bulloch High School1111102222470
Southeast Bulloch Middle School91789252804
Statesboro High School1551645424230
Stilson Elementary School6044313383
Transitions Learning Center and Cedarwood1773210
Virtual Learning Program44419000
William James Middle School86555111520
Central Office, 3 Annexes, & Substitutes 671Not Applicable310

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