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Here’s what happened at the 12/6/22 Statesboro City Council Meeting

This is a summary of what happened at the 12/6/22 Statesboro City Council Meeting.

Call to Order by Mayor Jonathan McCollar – All council members were present
Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance by Mayor Pro Tem Shari Barr
Recognitions / Public Presentations — Presentation of a retirement award to Tammy Rushing (Administrative Assistant) who is retiring effective January 1, 2023, after 30 years of service

Public Comments (Agenda Item):

No one was present from the public to address items on the agenda.

Consideration of a Motion to approve the Consent Agenda

A) Approval of Council Meeting Minutes – 11-15-2022 Council Minutes – approved unanimously

Public Hearing and consideration of a motion to approve an alcohol license in accordance with the City of Statesboro alcohol ordinance Sec. 6-13 (a):

Patel 3190 LLC d/b/a OK Food Mart
3190 Northside Drive West
Statesboro, Ga 30458
License Type: Package Sales – Beer and Wine only
View the complete application here.

No one from the public was present to speak for or against the application.
A motion to approve was made by Councilwoman Mack, seconded by Chavers, approved unanimously.

Consideration of a Motion to Adopt Resolution 2022-40: A Resolution accepting the right of way of “Quail Run Drive” as a public street to be owned and maintained by the City of Statesboro.

Quail Run was built in the 1970’s. The right of way was never formally dedicated to the city but the city has used and maintained it for many years. The street was only paved part of the way to the end of the street as shown on the subdivision plat. The property as originally subdivided resulted in a number of lots that were undevelopable due to extensive wetlands. The property owner of those lots wants to recombine them into one lot along with the unpaved portion of the street right of way shown in the original subdivision plat. This will result in a large enough area out of the wetlands to build upon. The property owner is formally deeding the existing Right of Way to the City of Statesboro along with additional Right of Way to construct a cul-de-sac.

The City of Statesboro will maintain the roadway and limits of right-of-way. The City of Statesboro will construct the cul-de-sac at the end of the existing pavement. This will be funded from the 2018 TSPLOST, CIP ENG-137 in the FY23 budget.

A motion was made by Chavers, seconded by Mack, approved unanimously.

Consideration of a motion to approve Resolution 2022-41: A Resolution approving the submission of a Community Home Investment Program (CHIP) grant application to the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and commitment of matching funds.

The City previously approved the use of $5,000,000 of ARPA funding to be spent to improve housing conditions throughout the City with the Housing Rehabilitation Program. In initial inspections, many homes were identified as exceeding the cap granted for individual home renovations. Utilizing a mixture of CHIP Funding and the allotted funds for housing, identified needs for the community can be impacted for a number of homeowners who would otherwise be excluded.

Money will come from $200,000 from ARPA Housing Rehabilitation Fund.

Councilwoman Barr asked how long this will take to know an answer. Penny said it is filed in January and likely won’t be answered until October.
A motion was made by Barr, seconded by Mack, approved unanimously.

Consideration of a motion to approve a lease agreement to provide office space to Representative Rick Allen for an additional two years with no rent assessed.

City has traditionally provided office space in City Hall to our Congressional representative. This lease would continue the placement of the office in City Hall through Rep Allen’s current two year term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Councilwoman Barr asked if anyone was ever in the office, to which several council members replied that someone was there quite often.
Councilwoman Chavers asked ‘Why is it free?’
A motion was made by Mack to table the office lease, seconded by Chavers, approved unanimously. They’ll reconsider the matter in two weeks after City Manager Charles Penny does research to have the answers on the contract.

More on this story:

Statesboro Council Tables Constituent Services Office for Congressional Rep After Councilwoman Asks ‘Why Is It Free?’
Consideration of a motion to award a contract to Y-Delta Inc. in the amount of $1,632,370.04 for the installation of water and sewer mains at the Bruce Yawn Commerce Park to serve Aspen Aerogels. To be paid for with funds approved in the FY2023 CIP Budget item #WWD-154, using system revenue and grant proceeds.

As part of the agreement between the City, Bulloch County Development Authority and Aspen Aerogels, the city agreed to extend the existing water and sewer mains to a mutually agreed upon location on the Aspen property. This extension will also makes water and sewer available to the last remaining large lot in the park, which has since been announced as the AJIN USA site. The project was formally bid and three qualified bids were received. The consultants at Hussy Gay Bell Engineering have reviewed all of the bids and have provided a written recommendation to award the contract to Y-Delta Inc. Additionally, the EIP grant administrator, Allen Smith Consulting, has consulted with DCA and provided the attached “clearance” letter for Y Delta as the contractor.

No Title

No Description

The bids received were higher than the original estimate of $1,560,710.00 however as part of the agreement between the City and Aspen Aerogels, Aspen agreed to pay all cost above $1,250,000.00.

CIP Project WWD-154 was approved in the 2023 Budget to be funded from Operating Revenue funds of $500,000.00, and grant proceeds of $750,000.00.

Approved unanimously.

Other Business from City Council
City Managers Comments
Public Comments (General)
Consideration of a Motion to enter into Executive Session to discuss “Personnel Matters” “Real Estate” and/or “Potential Litigation” in accordance with O.C.G.A 50-14-3(b)

There was no need for executive sesion.

Consideration of a Motion to Adjourn

Council adjourned at 9:35 a.m.

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