Georgia Digital Driver’s License and ID in Google Wallet Now Available for Android Users

Commissioner Spencer R. Moore, Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS), is pleased to announce the launch of the Agency’s latest milestone: Georgia Digital Driver’s License and ID in Google Wallet. Once added, customers can securely present their digital driver’s license or ID using Android smartphones at select Transportation Security Administration (TSA) PreCheck® security checkpoints, including those within Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

“Across the state, Georgians expressed overwhelming excitement over the initial rollout of this new option and today’s announcement is another exciting step forward in Georgia’s mission to provide cutting-edge technology to its citizens,” said Governor Brian Kemp. “We look forward to the continued rollout of this program and its growth in the days and years ahead.”

DDS reminds customers that a Georgia Digital Driver’s License or ID in their Google Wallet is voluntary, comes at no additional cost, and customers must continue to always carry their physical driver’s license or ID with them.

Commissioner Moore expressed his excitement about this partnership, saying, “We believe that digital identification is the future for enhanced safeguarding of identity and our collaboration with Google Wallet is a big leap in that direction. DDS is committed to creating cutting-edge solutions that empower individuals and streamline their everyday lives. This integration with Google Wallet represents a significant advancement in the field of digital identification, offering a secure and efficient way for people to access their identification documents.”

How to Add a Georgia Digital Driver’s License and ID to Google Wallet

To get a Georgia License or ID on your Android device, start with the Google Wallet app and your physical license or ID.

  • ​Open the Google Wallet app or download it on Google Play
  • Tap ‘Add to Wallet’
  • Tap ‘ID Card’ and choose your state
  • Follow the instructions to verify your ID with Georgia DDS
  • How to Use a Georgia Digital Driver’s License and ID in Google Wallet

At this time, Georgia digital driver’s license or ID in Google Wallet is accepted at select TSA PreCheck® checkpoints at participating airports around the country.

To present a Georgia digital driver’s license and ID in Google Wallet at a TSA PreCheck® checkpoint, residents can simply hold their smartphone near the reader. Residents’ devices will then display what information is being requested by the TSA, and only after authorizing with their phone unlock method is the requested information released from a device. Since the information is shared digitally, residents do not need to hand over their personal device to present a Georgia digital driver’s license and ID in Google Wallet.

For more information including access to informational videos on Georgia Digital Driver’s License and ID, please visit the DDS website at

To learn more about how to save your ID to Google Wallet, visit the Google Help Center.

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