City of Guyton

City of Guyton’s Notary Ordered to ‘Destroy Stamp’ After Police Sent to Homes for Affidavits

A ranking county official recently ordered the City of Guyton’s notary to destroy her official stamp after city officials sent.

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Nearly 3 Years In, Guyton Administration Still Befuddled by SPLOST Law

Though the current administration in the City of Guyton has been at the helm for almost three years, it still.

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Guyton Tax Collections Set to Increase 11.87% in 2022

Property owners inside the city limits of the Guyton will pay 11.87% more in taxes in 2022 if the proposal.

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Busy Bees: Guyton PD Continues to Grapple with Surge in Calls for Service

The Guyton Police Department continues to see an overall rise in calls for service, with calls some months surging beyond.

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Guyton PD Body Cam Footage of Roundabout Renegade Offers More Questions Than Answers

In May 2022, TGV published an article which detailed the 911 call of an off-duty Effingham County Sheriff’s deputy who.

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New Pedestrian Beacon Crosswalk in Guyton goes live July 21

Georgia DOT crews will activate a new rectangular rapid-flashing beacons (RRFB) crosswalk on state Route 119/Springfield Avenue in Guyton, between.

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Guyton PD Says They’re 24/7 But Officers Were AWOL During Murder Saturday Morning

The Guyton Police Department says they operate 24/7 and have since October 2021, but when a man was shot and.

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Guyton Police Budget Up ~$400k While Training Budget Increases $250

The Guyton Police Department budget has increased almost $400,000 since the new chief was sworn in in 2020, but as.

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DUI Prosecution Stats Paint Concerning Picture in Effingham County

Effingham County State Court sits at a proverbial fork in the road, specifically for DUI cases. The appointment of longtime.

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Records Show Concerning Response to Reckless Driver in Guyton

Public records show a concerning response to a reported reckless driver in the City of Guyton.  It began with a.

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