Guyton Police Officer Caught Lying on Traffic Stop…by Motorist’s Dash Camera

A Guyton resident was pulled over Tuesday morning by the Guyton Police Department and what was recorded in the motorist’s dash camera is troubling, to say the least. 

The citizen dash camera footage seemingly shows Officer Marquise Parker of Guyton PD tell a completely fabricated version of a chain of events leading up to a traffic stop. Luckily for the motorist, it was captured on dash camera footage.  But it paints a concerning picture of the integrity of the police department and leaves people wondering in what other capacities the Guyton Police Department struggles to be honest. 

Andy Harville was traveling in the Guyton city limits Tuesday morning when he stopped at the Parker’s gas station near the roundabout. The timeline is as follows:

9:37:40  — Harville enters the roundabout and then turns left into the Parker’s gas station. As he does so, a Guyton PD patrol vehicle can be seen in the next driveway. 
9:50:50 — Harville departs from the gas pump and goes toward the exit to turn left onto Highway 17.
9:51:22 — Harville’s vehicle is for certain at a complete stop and he cannot exit the parking lot. An 18-wheeler truck has pulled in front of him to enter the roundabout and it blocks the view of traffic from the right. Shortly after, another vehicle pulls in front of Harville on Highway 17, further blocking his forward movements. 
9:52:21 — 59 seconds after his vehicle comes to a complete stop, Harville turns left onto Highway 17. 
9:52:45 — Parker initiates the traffic stop on Harville.
9:53:40 — Parker approaches Harville’s window. The exchange is as follows. 

Parker: Good morning. I’m Officer Parker with the Guyton Police Department. Any reason you ran that stop sign right there?
Harville: What stop sign? 
Parker: The one there at Parker’s. 
Harville: The one that I sat at for like 5 minutes waiting for traffic to go through?
Parker: uh, do you have a driver’s license?
Harville: I do
Parker: Can I get it?
Harville: That’s fine. 

Parker then takes Harville’s license and returns to his patrol car 
After running his tag and license plate, Parker returns to Harville’s window and doubles down on the narrative that he did not stop at the stop sign. 

9:57:04 — Parker returns to the vehicle window and instructs Harville to be more careful. “Please be more careful at the stop signs,” he says. 

Harville: I gotcha. Hey man…you know I’ve got a dash cam right?
Parker: That’s fine.
Harville: Okay.
Parker: It’s a stop sign right there though. If you have a dash cam, it’ll show you running it’ll show you running the stop sign, so…
Harville: Mmk.
Parker: Mmk. Have a good day.
Harville: You too.

Watch the video with the dash camera footage of Harville and the body worn camera footage from Officer Parker.
Note: Parker’s body camera footage had the incorrect time of 2:05 pm for the time of the traffic stop, however, the stop actually occurred in the morning. 

Harville has been a vocal critic of the Guyton Police Department over the last year and a half and more recently announced that he would be seeking the office of mayor in Guyton in hopes of restoring transparency to the city and its departments. 

Officer Parker has been with the Guyton Police Department since January 2022. He was on administrative leave with the Rincon Police Department for driving his patrol car after consuming alcoholic beverages at an area Mexican restaurant, an act to which he admitted to, and then being dishonest “multiple times” with his superiors about the acts. He was set to be terminated when he resigned from his post and sought employment with Guyton PD ten days later. Chief James Breletic was aware of Parker’s misdeeds during the hiring process, but opted not to take any probationary measures. Instead, Breletic suggested he came with glowing recommendations. 

In a council meeting last fall, citizen Jeremiah Chancey asked Mayor Russ Deen why the police officer was permitted to work here with his history, sans any type of punishment or probationary period. Deen replied that the punishment was that Parker no longer worked for Rincon PD and was now employed with Guyton PD.

In most jurisdictions and municipal courts, a police officer with a pattern of dishonesty is considered a less than credible witness in court. It often leads to a dismissal of their traffic tickets or criminal cases generally, however, it is unclear if Guyton Municipal Court takes the character of officers into consideration when matters are challenged. 

More on the Guyton Police Department:

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  1. Let me say that none of what I am reading is any shock to me. Jackie Johnson, her office in 2016, her police investigation, and her staff, lied, falsified evidence, skirted discovery laws, and more. I have evidence of all of it, but it didn’t matter, but I agree, it’s the tip of the iceberg. Neal Jump was in on it too, and others overheard his conversations at the time. I was entrapped in a sting operation that they profoundly misrepresented about men trying to meet an underage girl; they claimed that it was all true, and actually none of it was; they portrayed it as something completely different straight up lies and falsified evidence, blatantly so, it no longer matters as she destroyed the life I had. I have since built a new and better one. Still, the loss almost killed me and could have been very different. I pray she is convicted and serves time with all the people she has wrongfully imprisoned and prosecuted. I hope the terror of being locked up with those people. Her list of corruption and breaking the law is clear, and if there were real equal justice, then every one of her cases would be re-opened, investigated, and many dismissed. I will not hold my breath,but let her pay for this crime, and make her serve prison time, and she must be made to never practice law again, anywhere.

    Karma is alive and well, both for her, and

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