Mayor Russ Deen

Community Steps Up for Officer After City of Guyton Grinches His Christmas Bonus

The community stepped up this week to provide a police officer with a Christmas bonus after the city by whom.

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DOCS: Guyton Police Chief Says Public to Blame for Profanity-Laced Tirade by Police Officer

A recent profanity and violence-laced public tirade by a police officer in the City of Guyton is the fault of.

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City of Guyton’s Notary Ordered to ‘Destroy Stamp’ After Police Sent to Homes for Affidavits

A ranking county official recently ordered the City of Guyton’s notary to destroy her official stamp after city officials sent.

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Nearly 3 Years In, Guyton Administration Still Befuddled by SPLOST Law

Though the current administration in the City of Guyton has been at the helm for almost three years, it still.

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Busy Bees: Guyton PD Continues to Grapple with Surge in Calls for Service

The Guyton Police Department continues to see an overall rise in calls for service, with calls some months surging beyond.

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Guyton Police Budget Up ~$400k While Training Budget Increases $250

The Guyton Police Department budget has increased almost $400,000 since the new chief was sworn in in 2020, but as.

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Guyton Council Runs Up $30,000+ in Legal Services in 4 Months

The City of Guyton is paying a pretty penny for legal services, having run up more than $30,000 in fees.

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New Guyton Officer Left Previous Agency After Alcohol Incident in Patrol Car

The newest Guyton police officer left his previous agency following discipline by Rincon PD before he was hired in Guyton.

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State Elections Board to Reprimand, Fine Guyton for Violation of Law

A proposed Consent Order for city officials includes a cease & desist order, a public reprimand, and the imposition of.

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Guyton Police Department Has No Policy Manual Governing Conduct & Operations of Officers

An Open Records Request filed this week with the City of Guyton reveals that the city police department has no.

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