RUNDOWN: Bulloch Commission Meeting – Oct. 18, 2022

Call to Order, Welcome Media and Visitors
Invocation and Pledge –
Led by Commissioner Stringer
Roll Call –
All Commissioners were present.
Approval of General Agenda
Public Comments

Marcus Toole addressed commissioners about how local government policies impact the cost of affordable housing.
PresentationMembers of the Bulloch County Management Development Program (MDP) class discussed the recent completion and impact of their required service learning project at Safe Haven.

Consent Agenda –

The following 9 items were approved unanimously in a single vote:

  1. Minutes of Oct 4, 2022 5:30 PM
  2. Minutes of Oct 10, 2022 5:30 PM
  3. Motion to approve a contract for Stryker Pro Care in the amount of $18,044.80.
    • This is to approve the contract with Stryker to have our fleet of Stryker stretchers, stair chairs, and Power loads serviced. The contract includes parts, labor and travel, an annual preventative maintenance inspection of all Stryker equipment, unscheduled services and battery replacement. This includes 8 power cots, 8 stair chairs and 4 power load systems. The cost is $18,044.80.  Approval is recommended.
    • Documents
  4. Motion to approve a Long Leaf Pine Straw purchase renewal.
    • Brian T. Powell Enterprises, Inc. was awarded a bid for the purchase of 11,500 bales of long leaf pine straw totaling $37,375 for the period November 1, 2021 to October 31, 2022, with the option to renew under the same terms and conditions for two consecutive years. (Reference ID 2138)
    • Mr. Powell has agreed to supply us with the pine straw for the same price for another year for the period November 1, 2022 to October 31, 2023.
    • The pine straw will be used for Parks Division projects (6,500 bales) and for the I-16 landscaping project (5,000 bales).
    • It is the recommendation of Tony Morgan, Parks Division Manager, to renew the contract with Brian T. Powell Enterprises, Inc. in the amount of $37,375. The cost would once again be split between Recreation and Transportation budgets.
    • Documents
  5. Motion to Approve 2022 BJA FY 22 Adult Discretionary Grant Program Award
    • The Office of Justice Programs has approved the application submitted by the Bulloch County Board of Commissioners for an award under funding opportunity entitled 2022 BJA FY 22 Adult Drug Court Discretionary Grant Program. The grant award is $739,172 and will run from 10/1/22 – 9/30/26.
    • Drug Court letter
  6. Motion to approve a proposal from Woodcock Builders for renovations to the Human Resources Office in the amount of $12,800.00.
    • Staff is requesting permission for the construction of a new office space within the Human Resources Office. The attached proposal is from Woodcock Builders. Approval is recommended.
    • Documents
  7. Motion to approve an amendment to the budgets for Fiscal Year 2022 by appropriating amounts in each fund for various activities.
    • Staff is requesting a final budget amendment to appropriate monies needed for various operational and capital activities which were needed to complete organizational objectives. Adjustments are necessary to modify budgets at the legal level of control per O.C.G.A. Chapter 36, as only the Commission has the authority to change spending levels. Though O.C.G.A only requires an amendment for over-expenditures, Staff also provided information on revenues to aid in understanding fund performance and the necessity for amending the budget
    • Details of budget amendments
  8. Motion to approve the appointment of Nandi Marshall to the Bulloch County Health Board to serve a term beginning January 1, 2023 and ending December 31, 2029.
  9. Motion to approve the appointment of Andy Ellis to the Library Board of Trustees to fill the unexpired term of Que’Andra Campbell beginning October 18, 2022 and ending June 30, 2024.
New Business

Motion to approve a bid from Atmax Equipment Company for two 223 Mower Max All-In-One Boom Mowers in the amount of $399,044.00

Public Works would like to request the acceptance of Atmax Equipment Company’s bid on two 223 Mower Max All-In-One Boom Mowers at the price of $399,044.00. Documents.

County staff told Commissioners that it tried twice to outsource the mowing contracts and both contractors were unsuccessful. Last year, the county resumed the duties itself and utilized two mowers, both of which were upwards of 10 years old. As the wear and tear has become evident, the county budgeted in FY 2023 for one new mower, but added the second mower recently to fill ‘an urgent need’ with equipment.

Approved unanimously.

Work Session- Retirement Plan

Read the Due Diligence Report (October 2022)

Commission and Staff Comments

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