Georgia Outpacing National Average for Senior Vaccinations

The Georgia Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 vaccine dashboard reported Sunday afternoon that over 900,000 Georgia seniors had received at least one vaccine dose and 81% of all state-controlled doses had been administered. According to American Community Survey population estimates, with a total of 1.4 million people over the age of 65, Georgia has vaccinated 64% of its senior population. The national average of seniors receiving at least one dose, according to CDC and American Community Survey data, is 58%.

“Georgia continues to beat the national average when it comes to vaccinating our most vulnerable citizens,” said Governor Kemp. “Due to those over the age of 65 accounting for 77% of Georgia deaths due to COVID-19, our vaccination distribution plan prioritized them early – before the CDC recommended doing so – in order to save more lives with the limited doses the state received from the federal government.

“Starting [Monday], given the expanded supply of vaccines and the significant progress we have made in protecting our most vulnerable, more high-risk Georgians will be eligible to receive the vaccines. Please go to to register for an appointment with one of our four state-operated mass vaccination sites, connect with your local public health department, or view appointments offered by over 2,000 private healthcare providers at”

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