Rogers SP Inmate Killed Less Than 24 Hours After Release from Solitary

An inmate at Rogers State Prison was killed over the weekend by another inmate, less than twenty-four hours after release from solitary confinement.

21-year-old Caleb Sexton died Saturday after returning to General Population following several weeks in solitary confinement, or “the hole.” His placement there was due to a violent assault by other inmates which require separation of Sexton while he healed from his injuries.

A number of prison reform advocacy organizations shared the story of Sexton’s death Tuesday, many citing a CRIPA violation.

Rogers State Prison has largely flown under the radar for violence due to its position next to the now-shuttered Georgia State Prison and the close proximity to Smith State Prison in Glennville. Rogers State Prison, however, has not been immune from the seemingly out of control violence and assaults on both inmates and corrections officers. The facility’s claim to fame, headlines-wise, in recent years was the ‘release in error’ of an inmate serving a life sentence for Rape.

Sexton entered the Georgia Department of Corrections system in August 2021 following a parole violation. His initial offense, felony marijuana possession, resulted in a full term of confinement after Sexton fled from police, while in possession of a firearm.

n December 2021, TheGeorgiaVirtue published a piece on the impact the violence at the three prisons has on Tattnall County taxpayers. Specifically, the prisons are a drain on resources provided by EMS, the coroner, and life flight services, particularly when comparing the argued economic ‘benefit’ the prison system claims to offer Tattnall County.

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  1. The release was no a just a rapest, he was a pedophile. And as a former employee of Roger’s sp. I can assure you there is a smorgasbord of violence and illegal activity that constantly goes on, which is why I am a FORMER employee. I would be happy to tell anyone more, that has questions.

  2. Thank you for covering this heart-breaking story. Details continue to come out, including that Caleb Sexton was the father of an 11 month old son. There are reports that his family was paying extortion regularly to a gang with a violent reputation. His body is being autopsied by the GBI Crime Lab. Not surprisingly, to date, they have not been able to determine a manner of death. “Undetermined” manners of death by the GBI and GDC have quadrupled since 2019, a trend that conveiently supports the “I know nothing” (Sgt. Schultz) position of GDC as the CRIPA investigation has proceeded.

  3. His death was completely preventable and the loss of this beautiful soul is tragic. He did not have a firearm when charged with probation violation. He was leaving work and forgot to turn on his headlights. The officer, one that later recognized Caleb as an acquaintance, flashed his lights to indicate he needed to turn on his lights. Caleb panicked and sped away believing he didn’t have an valid drivers license. His probation officer had not provided him with instructions on reinstating his license. We later learned he had an active license all along. All attempts to flee end badly and he was apprehended but did not have a firearm or drugs on his person. He was released on bail within hours then probation issued a warrant for his arrest a week later. Terrified, Caleb prayed very hard about what to do. He wanted to run. He had a 1 month old son and knew he couldn’t leave him behind. He chose to turn himself in and believed that God would walk him through this. He received a 12 month sentence and we were so thankful it was one year only. His son wouldn’t have to know his daddy was away. He’d do his 12 months and come home to his little family that he loved so much. In March, with 5 months to go, he was erroneously placed in general population after previously being in the work detail side. He tried to keep to himself but he was repeatedly beaten 7 on 1. He was prevented from going to the chow hall. He lost 30 lbs. The body I received from GBI wasn’t anything like my child. I called the prison telling them Caleb had emailed me from the kiosk asking me to call PRIA. I explained everything to the wardens’s assistant. Caleb was pulled from general population and placed in solitary confinement. That was a Wednesday, the following Tuesday he sent a text saying there was a hit out on him and he needed $200 to settle up or be F… up. I called the prison and left a message. I sent the money. I called again and spoke with security and left a message for the head of solitary confinement. No call back. This is 4 days before his death. He called home from the wall phone on Friday telling me he was back on the work detail side in a regular dorm. We spoke and emailed on Saturday and he was excited about returning to work detail. He had 3 months to go and we were counting down. He was ok at 9:20pm. I was awakened at 6:23 by a phone call from the warden telling me my son was deceased. No information, no answers. Inmates have reached out to me to share info and it looks like he was not well as stated by a female guard doing count at 1-1:30 am. She failed to offer him assistance or call the medical team. At 4am he was unresponsive and no medical team came to help. A witness states he was placed on a lunch cart and drug outside to the paramedics who refused to enter the building. 3 days later, I was able to see him. This poor body was nothing like the image posted with this article. Starvation and abuse left him unrecognizable. He had his issues but was trying to be accountable and start fresh. My baby is gone from this earth due to negligence. There is nothing about the prison and probation systems that is redeemable. We need a complete reset and I have found my new purpose in life.

    • So so sorry 😞 I have sons that are in prison now and one has been released. This is so tragic I pray for your peace and strength. I am feeling heartbroken 💔

    • Whatever we can do to help you sweet A, we are here! Justice should be served! This is an outrage! And our hearts have been completely broken for you all since we got this tragic news. We love you and will fight with you every step of the way!

    • My heart is so broken for you! I pray that this changes for the next one and there will be more as the system is more corrupt than others see…starting from the officer all the way up to the officials!!! I hope the other inmates along with the guards have to pay for this crime that they have all committed!

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you make it your mission to bring all parties responsible to justice. God bless you and the rest of his family. This really breaks my heart and it’s just not right. Praying for you!

    • Could you please tell me what I could do to help you? Who I could call or white ? I’m so very sorry for your loss .. I’m so heartbroken for you . If I can do anything for you please tell me . My name is janson Newman I live in tn. And my number is 7316090120…

    • Hi first off I’m sorry for your lost! I knew your son. I was just released from that prison a few months ago. It is a lot of things that the outside world does not know about and I am willing to share anything you need to know. Please contact me through my email. My name is Danny.

      • I need to know what goes on there. I have a son that has been there only a couple of weeks.
        What makes a bunch of inmates decide to gang up on one?
        What singles them out?
        I am terrified . He has never been to prison.

  4. A prison sentence is quickly becoming a death sentence anymore. There’s nothing that guarantees families our loved ones will make it out after serving their incarceration time.
    Heartfelt condolences to this young mans family. How the judicial system sleeps@ night I’ll never know. Not anywhere else on earth do you see such mess in the confinement system. Restructure it for the sake of JUSTICE.

  5. I’m a inmate in DOC in GA, Georgia prisons have no help, in our building we haven’t seen a officer or been counted in over two weeks here.I’m at Wilcox state prison, our kitchen staff said just yesterday that food is running short, because there is no drivers to deliver the food from rogers , inmates here had a another inmate tied up under a bed for 15 days before it was even noticed, another inmate was beat he was unreconcilable, the new Warden here ask what happened ,inmate told him, and the warden left him in same building where attack happened, The Feds need to investigate the whole judicial and prison system for GA, Something needs to be done and fast,there is talk of a up raising going on here, coming soon, Doors can be popped, at any time, inmates from north side staying for days on south side, and so forth Some officer are part of the gangs, and look the other way when something go down , that’s here, can’t say for no where else Help in prison,

  6. My son was a inmate at Rogers up until 3 days ago. The horrid stories he told me made for many sleepless nights. He had a hangman noose in his lock box because he was getting jumped and beat all the time. I called the piece of shit warden office all the time only to be told we will look into it. I am so glad he has been transferred out of there. That place is a sewer and if you aren’t a higher person in a gang, you are in serious trouble. If you don’t have someone sending you money to get you store and to help you out in there you are a target. Guards do nothing but unlock the doors and give the higher ranking gang members control of the pods at night times so no one is safe ever. Even in the hole the doors are so bad they can be Jimmied open very easily and the inmates are beat in there. I hate that place!!!

  7. My son is in there now I have not got a call in 2 months from him which is not like him to not call me there is something going on and no one will tell me anything I don’t know what to do someone please tell me how to get answers I know something is going on please help me fine out about my son

    • My son is there now as well. I’ve not heard from him either. I’ve contacted the prison ,no return calls. They have a new warden a female I believe. Praying for your son an you as well. Any update or info I’ll forward , please do so as well. I’m terrified as to what goes on inside that place. My email is we can work together and maybe help them some way

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